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Twin Pines

 Twin Pines
Date Converted

Property Information

Location Santa Clara, California
Number of Units 80
Year Converted to Condo 2014

  1. Unit values were very low compared to similar condos in the area even though the community had gone from limited-equity to market –rate co-ops years back.
  2. As a Co-op, owners had only one choice for la lender to provide financing with un-competitive terms which stifled unit sales, limited refinancing options and kept unit values depressed.
  3. Units as co-ops were being foreclosed due to low values and lack of financing

  1. After conversion, all units in the community received unit deeds as unrestricted condos and unit sales soared immediately with prices nearly doubling.
  2. Hutton was able to secure Fannie Mae approval and members can now refinance or sell/buy their units from thousands of lender options with the best terms.
  3. After conversion, unit values nearly doubled and financing is abundantly available .

Results from the Conversion of Glenview Condos

Value as a Cooperative


Condominium Values after Conversion


Net Increase in Wealth (Equity)


PDF of Case Study: Twin Pines Case Study