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The Hutton Group is a team of professionals dedicated to serving a unique segment of the real estate industry: Co-op to Condominium Conversions. Our team members include corporate, tax and title attorneys, residential and commercial lenders, settlement agents, conversion managers and local marketing specialists. Our team of professionals provides your community with complete A to Z conversion services.

Jack H. Boyajian

Jack H. Boyajian


Jack's Biography

A graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and Rutgers School of Law, Mr. Boyajian has been a successful entrepreneur from a very young age. He started with managing his family grocery stores during high school and college and eventually began developing and overseeing successful enterprises in real estate, finance and law where he has been able to use his skills to help his clients achieve their goals. His devotion to family and faith has always been his source of strength and determination.

During the last 25 years he has been extensively involved in the management, sales and conversion of multi-dwelling, residential housing. Collectively, he has been responsible for the management of approximately 35,000 condominium and cooperative units. In addition, he has been involved in the conversion of more than 7,500 residential units into condominium and cooperative dwellings.

Mr. Boyajian’s extensive knowledge of finance, the law and the management of residential housing has given him a unique ability to address the various and intricate issues involved in the conversion process. Those that have dealt with him agree that he possesses a distinct acumen and appreciation for this particular real estate specialty. He has successfully shepherded numerous cooperative to condominium conversions throughout the country and, in the process, established himself and his team as the leaders in this unique and challenging field.

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Industry-Wide Recognition

Real estate professionals recognize Hutton as the experts in the conversion of coops to condominiums.

Our development team members have experience in successful co-op to condominium conversions in the New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Florida, Illinois and California markets, among many others!