The Co-op to Condo Conversion Specialists™

Co-op to Condo Conversion

<b>Why Convert?</b>
Why Convert?

There are many reasons to convert from co-op to condo. From the release of trapped equity to lower monthly maintenance costs, the advantages of condominium over cooperative ownership are staggering in volume and breadth.

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<b>The Process</b>
The Process

The conversion process can seem intimidating. But with Hutton's commitment to handle it every step of the way, any co-op can convert to condo ownership. Step-by-step, Hutton promises to handle every detail.

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<b>Frequently Asked Questions</b>
Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have a lot of questions, co-op to condo conversion is not the most simple process. That's why Hutton is committed to translating the complicated terminology and landscape into layman's terms, for all shareholders to understand.

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<b>Case Studies</b>
Case Studies

Hutton has converted thousands of units in its 20 plus years experience. And while the number of success stories are in the hundreds, we have displayed a handful of case studies highlighting the "miracle" of co-op to condo conversion under the Hutton process.

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