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Laguna Lido

 Laguna Lido
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Property Information

Location Laguna Beach, CA
Number of Units 48
Year Converted to Co-op 1978
Year Converted to Condo 2002

  1. Co-op was on leased land with no reasonable means of financing a land purchase.
  2. Unit values were stagnant without the same price appreciation as similar condos.
  3. Owners were reluctant to renovate their property since it was on leased land with limited market value.

  1. Land purchase fully financed through the conversion with NO CASH required from the owners.
  2. Values doubled immediately after the conversion and have since been appreciating very rapidly.
  3. The conversion provided over $500,000 for immediate renovation of common areas and unit owners in turn have remodeled their own condo units.

What Owners Say About Their Conversion

"The complexity of our deal was unparalleled. Jack Boyajian performed an absolutely excellent job. He covered, with great success, our financial needs, our legal problems with some dissenters, and led us to a painless conversion. I would highly recommend him because he exceeded our expectations in every single aspect. He is a very bright workaholic."

Jose Perewozka
Jose Perewozka
Vice President

"Jack Boyajian and his firm were the answer to our conversion challenges as a share cooperative. For many years, we had tried to complete a conversion to condominiums with no success. Jack's intelligence, extensive knowledge and experience in the legal and financial aspects of the transaction were the key to us accomplishing our goal. We are now a Fannie Mae-approved condominium project, and are already enjoying significant increases in our property values."

Kim Marquardt
Kim Marquardt

Results from the Conversion of Laguna Lido

Value as a Cooperative


Add: Obligation (Including land purchase cost, fees & costs)


Total Investment


Condominium Values after Conversion


Net Increase in Wealth (Equity)


PDF of Case Study: Laguna Lido Case Study