The Co-op to Condo Conversion Specialists™

<b>The Conversion Experts</b>
The Conversion Experts

Recognized by real estate professionals as the experts in the conversion of co-ops to condominiums.

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<b>We Handle Every Detail</b>
We Handle Every Detail

Hutton develops a comprehensive, custom conversion plan for your complex. We organize and complete arrangements with all entities.

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Why Convert?

  • Immediate equity appreciation
  • Higher Values
  • Faster Sales
  • Limitless Financing
  • and so much more...


If you answer yes to any one of the questions below, please call us! We can help!

Trapped Equity?

Are you and your shareholders looking to get equity of your cooperative ownership?

Historically Low Rates?

Would your co-op be interested in taking advantage of the current historically low interest rates available?

Necessary Renovations?

Is your co-op planning any major renovations and you don’t have the funds needed without maintenance increases or special assessments?

Low Market Value?

Is the condominium nearby getting higher selling prices than a comparable apartment in your co-op?

Case Studies

  • Laguna Lido
  • The Enclave
  • Arlington Oaks
  • Arlington Village
  • The Frontenac Condominiums
  • 1543 West 1st Condominium
  • Pittsfield Village (The Village)
  • Geddes Lake Condominiums